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High performance

All VDS run on modern Intel processors utilizing fast ECC DDR memory chips as well as fast SSD drives in RAID. All these guarantees the high performance for your projects.

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Just what you need

Everything we offer is flexible! All resources and features are customizable. Choose what you need to never pay for things you do not need.
Up to 8 CPU cores, 32 Gb RAM and 150 Gb SSD.

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Backups are available for all VDS packages without exception. You can add backups for your package any time you want. The nice thing is that backups are created quickly and never freezes your VDS.

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Fast setup

We do our best to make sure every order gets activated within 10 minutes after your payment. 99% of orders are handled in the way.

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24x7 support by guru

Our support team is here 24x7 for your needs. Just contact us any time you want to get something you need done. Have a critical issue during the night time? It is not a problem at all!

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Where you need it

Russia, Europe and USA are available for your hosting needs. Just select the right location during checkout process to host your project as close to its target audience as possible.

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What is VDSnow virtual server?

Virtual server hosting is one of the web hosting types which allows to split a single dedicated server into several virtual servers, each will share the underlying physical hardware but have its own operating system, software combination, amount to CPU cores, RAM and SSD space. Virtual server runs its own copy of an operating system allows you to configure eveything you need just like it was an expensive dedicated server.

The main advantages of a virtual server is that you can install any operating system, any software, deploy an unlimited number of websites, databases, etc at the same time. Such solutions in most cases are much more profitable and easy-to-use compared to dedicated servers.

The following features available for every VDS:

  • Backups
  • DNS hosting
  • Control panel
  • Flexible CPU, RAM, SSD
  • Linux installation
  • Dedicated IPv4 address
  • In-browser VNC console
  • ISO image OS installations

Build your VDS right now

10 minutes average setup time

from 4.90 €
  • 1 to 8 CPU cores
  • 1 to 32 Gb RAM
  • 10 to 150 GB SSD
  • 1 Gbps shared uplink included
  • Free websites transfer
  • Management, backups for a small fee
  • 4 locations available

Choice the one of several locations

You can choose the best of several locations available in Russia, Europe, USA and Singapore during the checkout process.

Our advice is to host your project as close as possible to its audience. St. Petersburg location will be best if your project is mainly focused on Russian audience. Is it focused on Europe? Let's host your project in Netherlands. USA locations are available for your projects focused on America region. We also have a location in Singapore for any projects in Asia.

St. Petersburg, Russia

PIN data center
Perevoznaya, 1
HE.net, Comcor, GlobalNet

Looking Glass

Naaldwijk, Netherlands

GreenHouse data center
Industriestraat 24
Telia, Cogent, RETN, Level 3, HE.net, Zayo...

Looking Glass

Ashburn, USA

Zayo data center
21635 Red Rum Dr
Level 3, Zayo, Cogent, GTT, Telia

Looking Glass

Denver, USA

HandyNetworks data center
1801 California Street
HE.net, Zayo, Cogent, Staminus, GTT

Looking Glass


PhoenixNAP data center
26A Ayer Rajah Crescent
TATA, Telia, Telstra, NTT, PCCW

Looking Glass

24x7 support

Our support team is here to assist you with any technical issues and questions. Most of the issues are solved in the first hour after they are received and the initial answer is provided within 15 minutes, even at night. More about management options

Our team will be happy to assist you with initial installation and configuration of the software needed for your project, handle websites transfer from another hosting provider and also help you with any other technical issues.

Support team is accessible through our helpdesk system as well as via e-mail and live chat. Live chat is available for simple questions and all technical issues are solved through our helpdesk system.

Please note our support team do not provide websites development, programming, web design and Windows Servers management.

What we can for you just for $1:

  • Installation, update and configuration of server control panel (VestaCP, ISPmanager, DirectAdmin, cPanel, BrainyCP, CentoOS Web Panel) as well as the following work:
    • Configuration and upgrade of Apache and Nginx
    • Configuration and upgrade of MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB servers
    • Configuration and upgrade of mail servers: Exim, Dovecot, Postfix
    • Installation and configuration of PHP and its extensions
    • Installation of additional PHP versions, if supported
  • Different software installation, if supported by server control panel
  • Basic CSF/LFD firewall configuration (ports access, ICMP and SYN-flood protection, web interface and much more)
  • Websites transfer from your current hosting provider

Free websites transfer from your current hosting provider

Our support team will be happy to assist you with websites transfer from your current hosting provider to your new VDS with us. Quickly, professionally and free of charge.

The transfer is completed within 24 hours after placing a request. An additional time may be needed in some special cases.
The priority transfer can be requested for $7 one-time.

What is needed?

  • Order VDS with some control panel
  • Share us an access to your current hosting provider or provide a link to a backup

Installing your own OS from an ISO image with VNC access

If necessary, an OS can be installed from an ISO image using our in-browser VNC console. An installation process will be done via a VNC connection directly through your web browser or by using any VNC client.

The feature can be used to install FreeBSD, Gentoo, Mikrotik, Windows Server (a minumum of 2 Gb RAM and 20 Gb SSD is required for Windows Server installation) as well as many other operating systems which are not provided via automatic one-click installer.

Exactly what you need

The concept of our VDS service is to allow you to select the services you only need for your project. Many VDS hosting providers offer fixed service plans only, so it often happens the service plan includes too many much SSD disk space but too little memory, or vice versa. With us, the exact amount of resources (such as CPU cores, RAM, SSD space, bandwidth) can be choosen during the checkout process and then be changed any moment you like via our customer portal automatically.

The amount of resources can be changed any moment you like, both in a smaller and a large scale. The SSD disk space can only be increased.
Please note that the price for RAM depends on the amount purchased, thus a more powerful virtual server will be a bit more expensive.

Resource Range Price
CPU cores 1 to 8 1.50 € per core
RAM 1 to 4 Gb
4 to 8 Gb
8 to 16 Gb
16 to 32 Gb
0.75 € per 1 Gb
0.97 € per 1 Gb
1.45 € per 1 Gb
2.54 € per 1 Gb
SSD space 10 to 250 Gb 0.75 € per 5 Gb
Bandwidth 1 to 50 Tb 0.15 € per 1 Tb
IPv4 addresses 1 to 15 2.00 € per address


Daily and weekly backups to remote location are available. You can add the feature to your package any time you want.
Our system will backup your VDS image automatically, quick and easy, without freezing your VDS operations. Our support team will help you to restore the latest backup when needed.

Weekly backups is 2.99 € per month; daily backups are 4.99 € per month; restoration service is 10.00 € one-time.

Impartial monitoring

Impartial monitoring service allows you to configure one or more of your websites be monitored by our monitoring system. The system will automatically check the websites status and alert us in case something goes wrong.

It is important to note our support team can only fix technical issues related to webserver, database servers and other software prevents your websites from work. We will not be able to edit your websites code as well as change anything in your websites.

In additional to websites monitoring CPU usage, RAM usage and free disk space checks can be added. The root access to the virtual server is needed in order to promptly handle the monitoring system alerts.

The impartial monitoring service is included in all management levels except «Unmanaged» level. You can always select management level during the checkout process.
Monitoring tasks are configured by customer in our customer portal or by helpdesk request. The service is aimed at solving the software issues which are preventing websites from work, all issues related to improper websites configuration or code issues will be forwarded to customer.

VDS control panel

We provide our own control panel to manage your VDS. The following features are available:

  • Start, stop and restart your VDS
  • Operating system reinstallations
  • In-browser VNC console
  • Change number of CPU cores, amount of RAM and SSD space
  • Upload and attach ISO images
  • Set hostname and reset root password
  • PTR records management for your VDS IPs
  • An ability to request additional IP addresses
  • An ability to start rescue/recovery system
  • Websites monitoring management
  • Backups service management

Control panel screenshots

Business services

Our services are available for Russian-based legal entities. All necessary documents for your accountant are provided. We can also provide documents using Diadoc platform.

In order to make your account legal entity account the organization details must be provided. Bank transfer in rubles will be available as one of your payment methods, but not limited to.

Turkmenistan customers are welcome!

Our Turkmenistan customers will be happy with our KVM VDS in Russia. By purchasing a VDS in Russia an ability to replace IP address becomes available.

If necessary, an IP address replacement will be provided. We currently have more than 30 different C class networks in Russia, which you can choose. The IP address replacement service is $1.99 each.

A similar service is provided for new orders. Our system randomly selects an IP address when processing your new VDS order, but not all IP addresses are working in Turkmenistan. The IP address replacement can be requested for $1.99 once the order is processed.

What our customers say

During our 13 years history we have already served 16805 customers. Below are some of our customers testimonials about our virtual dedicated servers.

My server had been dropped for short time and I wrote in support. They answered very fast and resolved my problem. It's really cool hosting for fun price with a fast connection.


Just in case someone will be looking for a cheap web hosting service in Russia: try this one. It has a great deal of low-end options. And you know what's the real candy? How responsive their tech support is.


Everything is good. Support is very quick, help in 2 minutes. Price is cheap. I'm happy to use this hosting.


Need a custom solution?

We will be happy to find a perfect custom solution for your needs, from a really small VDS to a powerful server. Any budget, almost every country.

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