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What is virtual server (VDS, VPS)?

The purpose of virtual server, difference between VDS and VPS

What is VDSnow virtual server?

Virtual server hosting is one of the web hosting types which allows to split a single dedicated server into several virtual servers, each will share the underlying physical hardware but have its own operating system, software combination, amount to CPU cores, RAM and SSD space. Virtual server runs its own copy of an operating system allows you to configure eveything you need just like it was an expensive dedicated server.

The main advantages of a virtual server is that you can install any operating system, any software, deploy an unlimited number of websites, databases, etc at the same time. Such solutions in most cases are much more profitable and easy-to-use compared to dedicated servers. The advantage allows you to get your own highly-customizable server which can never be achieved by using normal shared hosting.

Virtual servers differ from each other in virtualization technology. There are 3 main technologies nowadays: KVM, Xen and OpenVZ. The first two technologies (KVM and Xen) are the most functional and the most popular. KVM and Xen technologies allow you to have a complete analogue of a dedicated server, any operating system can be installed and configured as needed. OpenVZ technology is designed to provide virtual servers quick and easy, that is why its functionality is limited. For example, OpenVZ will not allow you to install your own operating system, however, you can choose one of the developer provided template.

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How to choose the right virtual server configuration?

Any website owner knows how important the choice of VPS hosting is. We are confident you want to have a fast and reliable virtual private server. The right choice will help you to reach the goal.
Stability and reliability are what largely depend on a proper configuration. So, for example, it is always important to choose right processor frequency, the higher it is the faster your processes are performed. Other components of virtual private server such as RAM and disk type are also matter.
The market currently offers many different virtual server types based on disk subsystem, such as HDD, SSD, NVMe and even hybrid SSD+HDD drives. SSD and NVMe drives are the most popular now as they are the fastest drives and are able to provide the best performance compared to HDD drives. You can of course still use HDD based virtual servers for your needs, however, its speed will be for sure slower. HDD based solutions are yet popular in case you need to store a large amount of data as it will be much more cheaper compared to SSD or NVMe solutions.

Another important point when getting new VPS is whether you have the necessary skills to manage it. The software of any VPS needs to be installed, configured and upgraded, at least at the start.
In case you do not have the necessary skills managed VPS can be purchased. Such decision will let you just focus on your websites, the software management will be on your VPS hosting provider. VDSnow offers managed virtual servers, so please make sure you select the right option during the checkout process.

The next important point is VPS data backups. It should be honestly noted you should always rely on yourself, at least primarly. All important data must be stored not only by your VPS hosting provider but also by you personally.
For your convenience you can also consider to use backups service included in your VPS package. The backups configuration will be simple and mostly undertaken by your VPS hosting provider.
VDSnow offers different backup options: none, weekly and daily backups. You can choose the option required for your needs during the checkout process or add it later.

What virtual server to choose for the websites?

The main question you should ask yourself when choosing a virtual server for a website is how many visitor it has, how popular it is, what content management system it uses. Content management systems (CMS) differ not only by functionality but also by the server resources utilized to serve the functionality. The most «heavy» CMS are Drupal, WordPress and 1C-Bitrix.

Our recommendation is to get at least 1 CPU core, 1 Gb RAM and 10 Gb disk space. Those «heavy» websites will need at least 2 CPU cores, 2 Gb RAM and 20 Gb disk space. The specific amount of server resources mostly depends on the number of website visitors. If you are just starting, it is always good to choose a solution which can easily be upgraded as needed. VDSnow offers highly-customizable virtual servers which could be upgraded at any time as your website grows.

In additional to choosing a server resources (configuration) the control panel should be choosen. Nowadays, there are many noteworhty control panels, both commercial and free. Pay your attention to DirectAdmin, ISPmanager and cPanel, free control panels such as VestaCP, BrainyCP are also good choice.
The right choice of the control panel is important as the control panel functionality reflects your ability to easy install and configure webserver, MySQL server, mail server and so on.

Once configuration and control panel are choosen, the system administration part should be discussed. You can always manage virtual server yourself if you have sufficient skills for the stuff. You can also hire server management services so that you can just focus on your websites. VDSnow offers several management options depending on your needs for an affordable price.

Need a custom solution?

We will be happy to find a perfect custom solution for your needs, from a really small VDS to a powerful server. Any budget, almost every country.

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